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Preethi Excel +

Returns And Replacement Policy
  • Four Times Savings - 4 Times more savings compared to traditional cooking.
  • One Touch Menu - First Induction Cooktop with Pre-programmed Indian Menu’s. Available with Preset options like Roti/Dosa, Milk/Tea, Idli, Fry, Boil, Slow Cook & Gravy ( Sambar, Rasam etc…).
  • Feather Touch - The sensor touch keys add a touch of elegance while enhancing your controlling aspects at the same time.
  • Pause Button- This again is a safety feature with the help of which the program settings can be paused, meaning cooking can be paused, and then when pressed again, it will resume the cooking process. Especially handy in case of spills. A quick pause, wipe away, and resume cooking. Also if there is something important you want to do urgently, this button comes to the rescue.
  • Convenience- Large heating base to accommodate vessels with a larger base.
  • Safety - Programmed timer control will switch off the induction cooktop automatically when unattended.
  • Durability - The high quality ceramic plate can withstand very high temperature hence our ICT's are highly durable.
  • Life Long Free Service- No Labour Charge.

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