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Preethi Blueberry 750 W - 3 Jar

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  • Powerful 750W Motor - This Powerful 750W motor gives efficient mixing and grinding to your ingredients . 215 hours endurance passed motor.
  • Turbo Vent Technology - This turbo vent technology is used in the ventilation system of Preethi Steele supreme. This technology ensures that the heat generated by the motor does not affect the ingredients inside and jar. This keeps the mixer body cool and increases the life of the motor.
  • Turbo Mini Spice Jar - This 0.2 litre can grind even 4 piece of Pepper. This jar comes in handy while grinding smaller quantity of spices for recipes like rasam
  • Flexi Lid - This flexi lid helps provide 4 capacities in 3 jars.  With flexi lid, there is always room for adjustment. It converts 1.5 litre jar to 1.0 litre capacity jar.
  • Stainless Steel Jar & Blade - These jars are made using high quality stainless steel and high precision for best performance. They also go through water load test to ensure stability and endurance test for blade ( 10 hours ).
  • Life Long Free Service - No Labour Charge.

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