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Preethi Essence Juicer

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  • 600 Watts - Which is the most powerful motor in the non-commercial Juicer category.
  • Maximum Juice - Essence extracts maximum juice from tough fruits & vegetables. 20% more juice every time.
  • Long Lasting Metal Sieve - With the thought of making it durable & long lasting. Preethi Essence Juicer is designed with Metal sieve made from high grade stainless steel assures longer and higher efficiency.
  • Leak Proof Architecture- Juicing is fun as long as you don’t meet the spilling jars. Preethi essence is carefully built to arrest leakage during usage. Even watery fruits like watermelon can be juiced without any fuss. Enjoy spill proof juicing with Preethi Essence Juicer.
  • Removable Pulp Chamber- The Preethi Essence Juicer comes with removable pulp chamber that is specially designed for easy and quick cleaning even while continuous juicing.
  • Shockproof design - With its shockproof ABS body and heat sensitive cut-off system, you’re always protected from voltage fluctuations and overload.
  • Life Long Free Service- No Labour Charge.

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