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Preethi Twist 5 Ltr

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  • 7 Levels of Safety- Higher safety compared to the aluminum pressure cooker and rice cooker. Open Guard, Pressure Limit Value, Pressure Self - Control, Anti-Jam Function, Self - Exhaust, Thermostat, and Thermal Fuse.
  • High Performance - Preserves the aroma of food as cooking happens in a closed environment. Microprocessor monitors pressure, the temperature keeps time and adjusts heating intensity and duration to improve taste & consistency.
  • Consistent Results Every Time - The built in microprocessor sets and monitors the temperature, pressure, and time to prepare healthy and tasty dishes. Ensures the same taste, nutrition, and aroma every time.
  • Easy Cooking with 9 Pre- Programmed Indian Menus -Anyone can cook with the pre-set menus with a touch of a button - Rice, Pongal, Pulao/Briyani, Meat, Idly, Gravy, Cake, Chicken, and Channa.
  • 5-In-1 Multifunctional appliance - Replaces 5 common appliances - Electric rice cooker, Pressure cooker, Steamer, Saute pan, and Warmer. Saves money and time.
  • Open & Closed Cooking - With Preethi touch electric pressure cooker, open and closed cooking options are possible. Open cooking allows you to add ingredients one by one and stir the contents for a while before you close the lid and wait for the completion of the cooking process. In closed cooking, all the ingredients are added at the same time and the cooker is closed right in the beginning.
  • Fore Front Control Knob- The cookware is embellished with forefront knob for more convenient access. The placement of the knob is done in a great way and designed with quality material to give a smooth accessing experience every time.
  • Inner Aluminium Non Stick Coated Pan - The inner pan of the pressure cooker is built using aluminum non-stick material that surely enhances its durability and serves hassle free cooking. With the heavy gauge aluminum inner pan, this product assures a good cooking experience.
  • Rust Proof Stainless Steel Body - The pressure cooker is built using stainless steel that surely enhances its durability and gives it an amazing look. Stainless steel again makes it rust-proof and promises a long strengthen life.
  • Keep Warm Mode - Once the food item is cooked completely inside this touch electric cooker from Preethi and timer goes to zero, the cooker stops automatically. This is when the auto warm function works. After the cooking is completed, this Preethi electric touch cooker keeps your food warm till the time it served.
  • Life Long Free Service- No Labour Charge.

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