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Preethi Valentino Carbon 3 Burner

Returns And Replacement Policy
  • Life Time Warranty on Glass - Saint Gobain Glass: The heat soaked glass which is an upgrade from the thermally toughened glass. During heat soaking process glasses with impurities breaks and glass which passes heat soaking can with stand high temperature and hence has longer life.
  • Life Time Warranty on Burner - Dura Forged Brass Burner. Superior manufacturing process- High pressure exerted on bass burners to remove imperfections. Forging makes burner tougher and has high resistance to wear & tear . Forged burners are stronger than alloys. It makes cooking faster and prolongs product efficiency in the long run.
  • Thermal efficiency 69+ % - Unique technology for Air-LPG mixing coupled with the heavy brass burners produces a blu flame. Saves gas and energy. A gas stove that pays back its value.
  • Tri Pad Mixing Chamber- Supports optimal mixture of air & gas ratio for higher efficiency.
  • Accommodates Large Vessels - Ensure that your three burner gas stove is actually a three burner gas stove. Sufficient space between the burners allows you to use 3 large vessels simultaneously.
  • Triad Nozzle Design - Provision for connecting gas tube from 3 sides.
  • Removable Drip Tray - Removable Drip tray similar to that of Stainless gas stove makes cleaning even easier and convenient.
  • Extendable Legs - Long lasting Extendable legs for easy cleaning below the Gas Stove.
  • ANT Guard Jet - Reduces low flame.
  • Pan Support -High quality powder coating on pan support prevents corrosion of pan support.
  • Glass Dimensions - 770X400X140 mm
  • Life Long Free Service- No Labour Charge.

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